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Reality Check

I will be struck by lightning and survive, twice,  while simultaneously standing on my head perched atop a fencepost and holding the jackpot tickets for both Powerball AND Mega Millions, before anyone — ANYONE!! — with the last name “Bush” wins … Continue reading

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Charitable summation

Will Wilkinson, summarizing as far as he knows the position of progressives on the Citizens United ruling: A government that accepts that its rightful power is indeed limited along the lines of a naive reading of the First Amendment  – … Continue reading

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Mob Hits We Can Believe In

Obama: “The world is a warzone, and we’ll kill anybody we even remotely think is doing something.  Even if you’re a U.S. citizen, whatever, we finna snipe your ass!” Glenn Greenwald: “Isn’t this the kind of crap we bitch about … Continue reading

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Quite appropriate in an odd way…

At Balloon Juice, a bunch of comments waxing philosophic on the purpose of the State — in the lead-up time to a State of the Union speech. Now if only there were a little less “Conservative?  Anarchist?  Same thing!” shot … Continue reading

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Interpretation of Interpretation of Interpretation Fail

Psst…somehow I doubt that is what they meant.  I know that isn’t what I mean at least: [A]s my liberal friends all seem to be indignantly announcing in the aftermath of the Citizens United ruling, corporations aren’t really people! They’re … Continue reading

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An anti-landmark ruling

Shorter US Supreme Court: “Yeah, we know the band-aid was applied over a gaping ax wound.  That band-aid still has to come off”: Corporations can spend freely to support or oppose candidates for president and Congress, the Supreme Court ruled … Continue reading

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"Less kidnappings, more civilian shootings!!"

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: “NYPD to help train Haitian police“…

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