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$4 gasoline.  People in other countries have dealt with it for years.  People in the US are now threatening to kill each other to avoid paying it.  Think about that for a moment. Props. Advertisements

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The invisible muzzle

Blargh: It pained me to see Senator Obama miss a big opportunity at Wesleyan. A few days before Memorial Day he delivered the commencement speech filling in for Senator Kennedy. Senator Obama mentioned serving our country and used the word … Continue reading

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Break out the violins…

When it comes to the current churning of the economy affecting the livelihood of various people, about this group I have three words: Took long enough… CEO compensation at the biggest U.S. corporations dropped sharply last year, reflecting in part … Continue reading

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In case anyone is feeling generous

I notice some bloggers have links to their wishlist on the sidebar. Apparently some people actually do buy their favorite writers stuff. Even if people don’t you might be curious to know what I want, for brain-picking purposes, so… … Continue reading

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This just in: paint takes awhile to dry

Submitted with minimal comment: Sales of new homes rose in April for the first time in six months although the unexpected increase still left activity near the lowest level in 17 years. The Commerce Department reported Tuesday that sales of … Continue reading

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Maybe this'll get me an Yglesias award nomination…

Over on Hit’n’Run there’s a post about the Libertarian Party convention. In the comments someone quoted a bit about Mike Gravel re: public government education, which exploded into a purity fight of sorts. I had a comment to add there, … Continue reading

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Over a barrel

Here’s a little exercise in perspective.  Consider the following article about “record oil prices“: Crude oil rose to a record above $135 a barrel as OPEC ministers said they could do nothing to stop the rally that has more than … Continue reading

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