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Got some 'splainin to do…

If anyone is wondering why I gripe about polls and the absence of context for the responses, here’s an example: In the past few days, there’ve been a couple polls about oil, one asking who to “blame” for high gas … Continue reading

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Logical Outcome of Illogic

Curiosity re: that Tennessee church shooting: A Powell man sits alone in a jail cell following a fatal shotgun rampage in a church prompted by a hatred of liberalism and Democratic leaders who have hamstrung the nation’s war on terror, … Continue reading

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I must not be of this world

Not surprised: Scrabulous, a Scrabble-ish game popular on Facebook, got stopped by Hasbro. SERIOUSLY not surprised: some dude in PC Magazine argues that Scrabulous cheapened the value of Scrabble, thus yanking it was justified. Surprised:…people still play Scrabble?  Shit, who … Continue reading

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Kitchen Table Radical Libertarianism

This is a thought I was toying with concerning anti-state philosophy and its prospects.  Feel free to say whatever in response: To put the idea as bluntly as possible, I think at times we talk over folks heads, to the … Continue reading

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Deep existential question

Why didn’t I try this sooner? Randomly fucking up incoming audio is sooooooo much fun.  Here’s a couple examples of what I did with it in the few minutes immediately after downloading from above: Example #1: A glitched-up “Amen” edit.  … Continue reading

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Paranoia we can believe in

Somewhere, an Israeli hawk is spanking the monkey to this: U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama said on Wednesday a nuclear-armed Iran would pose a “grave threat” to the world. Obama told reporters during a visit to Israel that if elected, … Continue reading

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"Dear Americans, thanks for the bombs. Signed, Iraq"

On Hardball a few minutes ago, heard roughly the following from Chris Matthews re: Obama’s trip to Iraq: “The republicans have to be worried looking at this.  Americans are finally being greeted as liberators in Iraq, but it’s Obama!  Y’know, … Continue reading

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