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"Logic? What's that?"

Sure, the complex can stump people easily, making even geniuses seem feeble-minded.  But true capital-S Stupid is immune to simplicity.  Capital-S Stupid is so powerful that a coin flip can be read as less than a 50/50 chance.  Number 3 … Continue reading

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Free markets & free kicks

Been following the discussion fallout from Rod Long’s essay on Cato Unbound.  Spotted some blog responses I found rather curious, figure I’d provide my two cents… –Tyler Cowen, referring to remarks by Matt Yglesias (which amounted to “watch me completely … Continue reading

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A statement on the division of labor

I would not like to go through the expense and effort of building this gluttonous masterpiece of foodCrazy, but I would like to eat some.  If only that could be arranged…

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There is no center

Vache Folle, on this “center-right vs center-left nation” garbage: I keep hearing folks remark that America is “Center-Right”, but nobody ever seems to ask them what they mean by that. Just where is this Center of which they speak? Let … Continue reading

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Oh, snap!

Roughly overheard a few minutes ago on ABCs yak fest (I’m waiting for football), while talking about the economy and making the inevitable Saint FDR references: Some dude that looks like George Costanza with a goatee: “In 1941 the US … Continue reading

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Note to self: be more paranoid about other people's cooking…

Food should go in one end and out the other.  My body failed its biology tests for a few days, but I’m OK now, I think.

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D.L. Hughley, re: Prop 8 in California: If what he meant by this quote… “I’m not particularly homophobic, but when I read the bill, the way it was written, it was a) a little confusing when I read it, it … Continue reading

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