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If you’re read…

If you’re reading this, either my actual site has a problem, or my login for a comment elsewhere is acting stupid. My site is here: Advertisements

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Speech is Speech

First, let me preface this with the following: Ted Nugent is an absolute fricking idiot and his music is garbage.  Ok? Now, onward… This guy is in the news lately for pretty much the only reason he gets any attention … Continue reading

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Blind Fire

The CIA, with the barrage of drone strikes already going huge in Pakistan & Yemen, is seeking — of course — a grant for ever more aggressiveness: The CIA is seeking authority to expand its covert drone campaign in Yemen … Continue reading

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Floated for response

Had a fairly random, albeit particularly interesting IMO, thought and felt like hoisting its flag out to see if it catches return fire. So here: Consider the varying definitions used for “capitalism”.  People use it to refer to everything from … Continue reading

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…says the former constitutional law professor

Oral arguments in front of the Supreme Court over that health care law President Obama called for and signed, which forces people to buy a product from a 3rd party like presidential candidate Obama opposed, and is based on what … Continue reading

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