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It's a jungle out there

So here’s some appropriate music for it: See you next year. Advertisements

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Damn right! Well…close enough

If I still gave a fuck about the situation in Israel, I’d write something like this*.  Thanks Tim. (* – except for the following: Strike the line starting with “As Israel’s most important friend…” and the sentence immediately after.  Replace … Continue reading

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The Projection of the Anointed

They must be having problems lately keeping the ranks of elite water-carriers filled, because this guy still has a job: During the presidential election, some Democrats demanded to know how I could defend Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.  Simply put, Palin … Continue reading

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Watching the fiscal bathtub drain

Not surprised: various companies are making cuts lately because of the current economic train wreck. Really, REALLY not surprised: this includes newspaper companies, which’ve been facing lower circulation & ad revenue anyway. Surprised: The NY Times holds an ownership stake … Continue reading

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It's not Sasquach, but…

I vaguely recalled as a feature of my childhood seeing the generic (not store-brand, I really mean GENERIC) food section at the grocery store.  Yellow or white packaging, with black letters, merely saying what the item was: a bag of … Continue reading

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They probably wouldn't fit on a milk carton…

Going by the MSM coverage of economic matters, you’d think the only classes that existed were middle-class, entertainers, & corporate CEOs.  Whatever happened to the poor?  Where’s the people that aren’t coming down from having a huge house & two … Continue reading

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Funny, I don't recall eating any mushrooms…

Had a dream last night so odd it had to be shared with somebody: Me & my brother were coming back from a pet store with a mouse (something we’d never ever ever do).  For some reason, while it was … Continue reading

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