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Collateral damage starts at home

As casually as our political elite treat war, you’d think it left no scars.  Reasonable people know that it, both physically and psychologically, transforms those sent to fulfill political goals by force, but it isn’t made plain enough how it … Continue reading

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Southparkized moi

From Presto, via Brad, found this site where you can make your own SouthPark character. Brad’s trying to collect self-images of us anarchists, so here’s mine below. Click on it for full size. BTW: yes, my eyes are usually that … Continue reading

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More cynics, please

Shorter WaPo: “What? People don’t equate politicians to saints? OH NOES! I CAN HAS ARMAGEDDON!!!” In a week in which an argument between Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) dominated the political headlines, a new survey … Continue reading

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Keepin’ it real. For the children.

Jim Wilson peers into the gumbo pot of Scandal & spots some plump crawfish of Clarity.  Hope the kids ain’t allergic…

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Kinda stupid, mostly dictatorial

Interesting story here: A couple in North Carolina, to demonstrate their concern for what this country is becoming, put up a U.S. flag upside down — the classic distress signal, as anyone with half a brain knows.  As a preemptive … Continue reading

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Heading off “who cares”

When it comes to federal prosecutors, making personnel decisions based purely on politics is illegal. A law was actually passed saying so, a long time ago. However, most people wouldn’t see that as a big deal, either because the details … Continue reading

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Think long term for once in your life

Gee, that “record high” didn’t last long, did it? It’s been a few days, and already with the latest drop there’s whining: Dealmakers, investors and home owners in the United States are facing a grim summer as conditions for borrowers … Continue reading

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