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Fiscal Creationism

The other day, a bunch of nutjobs aligned with Pat Robertson and his ilk went to Wall Street, and…eh, a picture is worth a thousand words: Apparently the 11th Commandment is “Thou shalt not acknowledge irony even when it sodomizes … Continue reading

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Gee, tell 'em how you REALLY feel…

Shorter Steve Sailer: “Can’t sleep…clown will eat me negros will rob me…”: I intend to do in 2008 what I did during the Bush-Kerry whoop-tee-doo: write in the name of a public figure who is actually trying to solve a … Continue reading

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Burning Intellectual Quandry

Where did the archetype in those stupid beer commercials of the fantasy cute chick that loves to Hang with the Dudes to the extent that they match them in brew tolerance & even wear the team colors to sports events … Continue reading

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B the Blogger

*laughs pre-emptively just in case a construction worker named Robert shows up at a McCain rally and gets referred to as, well, y’know…*

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On Crying Wolf

Among the various scare tactics used against Obama — a candidate I personally find unremarkable, as I’ve explained here numerous times — the one calling him a “socialist” amuses me in particular. With the rampant nationalization and government aided consolidation … Continue reading

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Is it just me, or has Brad Johnson’s head doubled in size?  It looks like his helmet barely even fits. One drawback to living somewhere that has a pro football team is that you’re stuck with their games when the … Continue reading

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Breaking: international trade in Snark up strongly!

Had to come sooner or later: Socialist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez mocked George W. Bush as a “comrade” on Wednesday, saying the U.S. president was a hard-line leftist for his government’s intervention of major private banks in the U.S. financial … Continue reading

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