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Productivity Update

Latest couple I’ve done.  Been on a funky guitar kick lately: Poppin Tightly Wound Edit: If the embed doesn’t work just click the titles.  Soundcloud seems to decide at random whether it will function off-site. Advertisements

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Law as an M.C. Escher painting

There’s that phrase again: “State Secret!” The Obama administration urged a federal judge early Saturday to dismiss a lawsuit over its targeting of a U.S. citizen for killing overseas, saying that the case would reveal state secrets.  The U.S.-born citizen, … Continue reading

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The real joke

I’m glad Steven Colbert testified before congress in character.  In fact, I wish more comedians did that.  Ideally, the government should be so tied up with people cracking jokes at hearings they wouldn’t have time to pass more ridiculous laws. … Continue reading

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Sexuality and Denial

Ross Douthat, in reply to an Andrew Sullivan comment on monogamy in the course of discussing recognition of same-sex marriages by the State: …Once you’ve acknowledged that lifelong heterosexual monogamy and its fruits are distinctive in some sense, I think … Continue reading

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Wishful Thinking

Matt Yglesias LOVES him some TARP.  Here’s why: There’s an idea out there about a free market that operates “naturally” and produces a certain distribution of wealth and income. Any further interventions into that marketplace to ensure that prosperity is … Continue reading

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Stuff Happens, people talk

-My sole nitpick nitpick I have about this column: wouldn’t using the closet put your clean clothing in the line of fire? -Wow, those are some expensive jobs the Los Angeles city gov’t “created”, huh? –That Facebook movie looks like … Continue reading

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Them poor ol' tyrants need all the help they can get…

When some corners of the right-wing make noises that Obama is an Eeeevil Seekrit Mooslim!!, I don’t imagine they have shit like this in mind as their proof: Barack Obama is to go ahead with plans to sell Saudi Arabia … Continue reading

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