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Thoughts on the Supreme Court's gov't whistleblower ruling

The ruling was 5-4 against the 1st Amendment prohibiting retaliation against government employees for exposing wrongdoing — the implications of such being obvious: The Supreme Court today narrowed the First Amendment protections for public employees who reveal perceived wrongdoing they … Continue reading

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They give anybody an op-ed column these days…

Here was some idiot’s view on the raid on William Jefferson’s congressional office: …the FBI raid was overly aggressive. The same result could probably have been achieved with a properly executed court order. But there is conflicting precedent about how … Continue reading

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The Trojan Horse in the immigration "issue"

Unsurprisingly, “If only we could track people even more…” is a common theme to this immigration garbage: Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg thrust himself into the national immigration debate Wednesday, advocating a plan that would establish a DNA or fingerprint database … Continue reading

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Keep it simple

this a few moments ago: Senior executives at Fannie Mae manipulated accounting to collect millions in “maximum, undeserved bonuses” and deceive investors, a federal report charged Tuesday. The government-sponsored mortgage company was fined $400 million. (emphasis mine) [sarcasm]Whu? A company … Continue reading

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NOW they're concerned?

investigating one of their own: House Speaker Dennis Hastert said Tuesday that the FBI and the Justice Department “took the wrong path” when they searched a Democratic congressman’s office this weekend as part of an anti-corruption probe. “We understand that … Continue reading

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Food for thought Re: the "border"

One could say about much of the screaming over immigration from both “sides” that it’s “childish”.  Well, WaPo gives reason to retire that term as an insult: CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico: One hard kick launched the soccer ball around the rusted … Continue reading

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From zero to gay-bash in 3.6 seconds…

Right on cue: A Senate committee approved a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage Thursday, after a shouting match that ended when one Democrat strode out and the Republican chairman bid him “good riddance.” “I don’t need to be lectured by … Continue reading

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