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A lil time waster

Found this on Cognitive Apostate, thought it mildly amusing: What (american) accent do you have? Here’s the result I got: What American accent do you have? Your Result: The Midland “You have a Midland accent” is just another way of … Continue reading

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Constitutional hot air

Another sign that everything is politics: Frustrated by Bush administration inaction on global warming, states and environmentalists urged the Supreme Court Wednesday to declare greenhouse gases to be air pollutants that the U.S. government must regulate. The court’s first case … Continue reading

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Your “WTF?” moment for the day

If this doesn’t give you a screwface trying to comprehend it, check your pulse…

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Wishful thinking — if you can even call it “thinking”

The Optomist-in-Chief: President Bush, rejecting what he called “pessimistic” assessments of his Middle East policy, pledged Tuesday to make necessary changes in Iraq but vowed never to pull out U.S. troops before completing the mission there. Before flying to Latvia, … Continue reading

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A philosophical bleat — THE philosophical bleat, in fact

Giving football a short break today to address somethin’… Spotted the following comment from a statist-progressive on Kos: [T]he human condition is an ongoing tension between the desires of the individual against the needs of society. And libertarianism in its … Continue reading

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The holiday post-mortem

You know you ate a lot on thanksgiving when the next morning you’re still full… Hell, most of that was stuff other people fixed, I haven’t even gotten to what we cooked yet.  Barring events that absolutely beg for my … Continue reading

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Thoughts from elsewhere on the latest atrocity

–A cop points out how some of the details of these type of raids aren’t being mentioned. -Shorter TalkLeft: “Gee, thanks Scalia!” Also, some examples showing that radical times forge radical people… As the story comes out, I have no … Continue reading

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