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Anarcho-splainin’ the election

In a guest post, I posed some questions over at Ordinary Times toward participants in tomorrow’s ceremonial pretending-like-you-matter event. Particularly, I’m testing of the more alarmed among them what they plan to do beyond voting, and whether there’s any point … Continue reading

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Political Footballs

Prompted by 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s demonstrations during the national anthem at games, and the subsequent screaming about it, plus the joining in of other players, I had a hypothetical pop up about it (well, more than one in a … Continue reading

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Briefly considering Polanyi

Some thoughts I had a bit ago, sharing here for posterity & maybe discussion. BTW: it looks like I’ve found a workaround for Storify: export the HTML! Some thoughts about a comparison raised by Dissent Magazine Spotted on Twitter a … Continue reading

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Argument creep

Due to my philosophical opposition to the entirety of the structure referred to as the US government, I usually don’t keep up with or say much about the latest partisan cockfight between the wings of the party of the ruling … Continue reading

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A brief consideration of Men’s Rights

Most of the population of incarcerated people consists of men. Especially in the US, the leader among caging of other human beings. There are studies suggesting that deaths during war disproportionately happen to men. …so, can someone explain to me … Continue reading

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I’ve decided that the following shall be my response, today and from now on indefinitely, when some kind, yet unlearned soul asks me who I am voting for/if I am voting, or why I am not voting: “Tell me, of … Continue reading

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Liberal Interventionism: an assumptions check

Did the following exchange & explanation over the course of a night & morning: //[View the story “Interventionism & Own Goals” on Storify]

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