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Strapping not-so-young bucks T-boning each other

Commentary on a small example of how government picks winners and losers. Continue reading

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Their country, their solution

Two cents on Libya. Continue reading

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Pass the Koch straw pon de left 'an side

On the Buffalo Beast’s prank phone call — and what it says to the mainstream left. Continue reading

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Divide and conquer. Then conquer again.

Two cents on the collective bargaining fight in Wisconsin. Continue reading

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Stuff Happens

More quick hits on various things in the news. Continue reading

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Thumbing the Profoundness Scale

Ezra Klein*, as part of his main source of income, yesterday: “The U.S. government is basically an insurance conglomerate with a standing army” Me, for jack squat, early 2009: “Dispersal of risk, a.k.a. Insurance […] is basically the only other … Continue reading

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"Name an aerial performance involving fish…"

Spotted in my usual news scanning: The White House is issuing a thinly-veiled veto threat against a $1.2 trillion Republican spending bill that cuts about $60 billion from the budget for the ongoing fiscal year.An official statement says the bill … Continue reading

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