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Not Obliged

In this month’s edition of Cato Unbound is a discussion on concepts of citizenship & obligations, kicked off with the plainly absurd attempt by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry to make a “libertarian” case for national military service a.k.a. conscription. The immediate counter … Continue reading

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Imperialist Memory Loss Syndrome

Writer & filmmaker Sebastian Junger has an opinion piece in today’s Washington Post, arguing in favor of (more) U.S. intervention in Syria in particular while smearing “pacifists” and “isolationists” more generally. In it, he said the following: The most common … Continue reading

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Strawmen & Misdirection

RJ Eskow has a problem. He wanted to write a post bashing libertarianism (despite the depth of abuse by the state being in the news lately) but seems to think it is defined entirely by Objectivism, the Koch brothers, & … Continue reading

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Bombing the road to Damascus

Despite the still blurry picture when it comes to use of chemical weapons in Syria’s civil war, the march towards (further) U.S. entry into it continues. The “red line!” howls have expanded, dragging from storage such old reliable as claiming … Continue reading

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