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"Limited" Statism

You may have heard off and on that immigration reform is being discussed in the U.S. Senate. Ideas swirling around within that include expanded guest worker visas (which themselves are structured as to belittle & restrain the immigrants using them), … Continue reading

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A Profound Lack of Self-Awareness

Barack Obama gave a speech earlier today, supposedly a “big picture” type thing about U.S. conduct in the War on Terror. Didn’t watch it, as I had more important things to do (and also I’d rather not find out the … Continue reading

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Garbage In, Garbage Out

If I had a nickel for every time some “progressive” blogger’s critique of libertarianism 1) completely ignored that there are skeptics of capitalism at all within it, 2) assumed It All Began With Ayn Rand, despite her hating libertarians during … Continue reading

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Ed Kilgore's Late Pass

The National Rifle Association — that group that simultaneously claims to uphold the right to bear arms for the purpose of resisting tyranny while calling for more government employees to be heavily armed, with no cognitive dissonance — has a … Continue reading

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Strangling the Reformist Goose

On May Day, noted neo-liberal blogger Matt Yglesias wonders aloud if Marx had a point. Bouncing off a Brad DeLong post basically claiming a rationally interested ruling class would gladly keep up the revolt insurance, thus heading off rejection of … Continue reading

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