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Ok, *now* Bernie has a race problem

In passing during the occasional discussion on the 2016 presidential campaigns, I’ve used as short hand for how skewed to the right the US political system is (and as a nod to how progressives come to save capitalism rather than … Continue reading

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Zài shànghǎi tóuzī de èxìng

Spotted in passing earlier a bit of international news that I found rather illustrative of the logic behind global capitalism & high finance, and how pervasive it is: a deliberate goosing of the stock market has been taking place in… … Continue reading

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Tired of bleeding

Busier than normal lately, still here. There have been more (and more. and more…) bodies piled up by cops in the US since Ferguson. Feels like there’s a new one every day. Latest life extinguished in police custody being talked … Continue reading

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