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The Circle of Stupid

Remember this video? My conclusion at the time: After some more thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a hoax. No one that was actually planning this would post it on fucking YouTube, and disguising his voice is … Continue reading

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"This is what transparency looks like!!"

That Wikileaks site has really taken off, huh?  I remember back when all there was to it was the idea.  Interestingly enough, among the documents to creep up there is U.S. Army Counterintelligence plans to try to destroy it.  Glenn … Continue reading

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All I know…

…is that if I’m ever on a Caribbean cruise, the closest I’m coming to ANYTHING remotely approaching political discussion for the duration of the trip is double-checking the legal status of ganja at whatever port we may dock at.  Period.

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Collectivism for me & not for thee

Spotted among the blog posts about the “NOW they’re angry…” types was this — a Tea Party type that was apparently called a hypocrite because he revealed he was getting Social Security Disability payments.  Naturally, he makes sneering references to … Continue reading

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Interested Parties are Interested

A couple bits from elsewhere about the Turd Sandwich, since it’s still a topic: –Shorter Glenn Greenwald, to the Dem loyalists still doing their end zone dance: “If your grading curve on Stickin’ It To Big Insurance gets any more … Continue reading

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On the Now-Enduring Turd Sandwich

The fact that the term “teabagger” is now part of the cable news lexicon is a nice token.  Otherwise, what he said.

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Risk Mitigation Fail

Today, the reason behind the financial sector meltdown is clear to virtually anybody with a pulse: investing institutions, some of which overlapped with traditional banking, used math equations that their leadership couldn’t possibly have understood in a vain attempt to … Continue reading

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