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The Either/Or of death

So, among the issues next up for the Supreme Court is lethal injections, specifically whether they constitute cruel & unusual punishment. My personal view is that the two concepts can actually be split. Ok, you can pick your jaw up … Continue reading

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A pointless issue for a worthless institution

Gee, it sure is nice to know that absolutely nothing else is going on in the world: A billion-dollar battle over selling sports drinks and “enhanced” water in public schools has spilled into Congress and threatens to derail a major … Continue reading

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And you thought the US housing market was weak…

Sad, yet not surprising: Esad Ismael broke the most important promise he ever made. As his father lay on his deathbed two years ago, Ismael, 43, vowed never to sell his family’s home. His father and grandfather had spent all … Continue reading

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Relax and take notes

I swear, it takes wit the likes of which I don’t recall seeing in a long time to not only completely ether someone in an economics discussion, but have people entertained by it to the point of chuckling.  Jon Stewart … Continue reading

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Good Point/Ridiculous Point

Looking at Slate, saw two articles that really show the range on that site — by which I mean range of IQs: Exhibit A: Michael Kinsley points out how the federal student loan program is a huge blowjob for banks … Continue reading

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Slow even for that age…

The timing for suddenly getting chatty couldn’t have been more opportunistic: Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, in his new book, bashes President Bush for not responsibly handling the nation’s spending and racking up big budget deficits. A self-described “libertarian … Continue reading

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One more buddy before the dog

Well, here’s one way to find out who’s seriously up for nomination to replace Gone-zo: when people say “oh no, not him“, measure the decibels… Senate Democrats will block Ted Olson from succeeding Alberto Gonzales as attorney general if President … Continue reading

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