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Socialized Loss

Inevitably since Michigan has a Republican primary vote coming up, there’s a ton of gloating among mainstream liberals about stories like this, talking up record profits for GM post*-bailout.   While the hypocrisy angle due to the same people denouncing … Continue reading

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Quality Control

A comment has been brought to my attention that is unfairly being implied as representative of all libertarian thought on the subject.  This shall not stand. In reference to the legislation headed towards Governor Bob McDonnell’s desk in Virgina, which … Continue reading

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Grooming the Lie

A recent article in the NY Times, probably initially intended as a look at “hypocritical teabaggery” (not that the concept isn’t true), ended up looking surprisingly far into the rabbit hole known as economic class in America. Starting off observing … Continue reading

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Area Man opposes tax increase in excessively verbose manner

Around town I’ve been seeing flyers and signs for quite awhile saying the above, with “vote YES on Feb 7th”.  At the grocery store, in the parking lots of various banks, restaurants, etc.  There were even some in the local … Continue reading

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