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"Silly rabble, rights are for elites!"

The story of just how far & deep the U.S.-run global mass surveillance regime reaches, triggered by the leaks of former contractor for the NSA Ed Snowden, has slowed as of late. Partially due to other events & the relative … Continue reading

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Faithless & without credit

When it comes to Huge Political Stories 1 & 2 of the last few weeks, both of which came to a pause sometime while I was still asleep & the sun wasn’t out yet, I’ve been of two minds: The … Continue reading

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Entitlement (to cheap labor)

Because eventually something had to sour me on the upcoming PlayStation 4 release, a report came out today that a university in China, due to what appears to be a formal agreement, is forcing its students to work for our … Continue reading

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Government Distilation

To state the obvious: 1) No matter what Harry Reid says, there are no anarchists in congress. 2) Calling what is occurring now in the U.S. a government “shutdown” is logically speaking a falsehood, born of legalese taken at face … Continue reading

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