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Rage like an Egyptian

Looking at the going-ons around the world, paused on Egypt & the protests against Mohammed Morsi. Spotted this picture (source) taken of Tahrir from Cairo Tower depicting the sheer size of the demonstration & had a thought: “May we recreate … Continue reading

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Red lines, red stains

Syria is in a civil war of sorts. The U.S. government has been involved in it, backing the side of the rebels against the ruling Assad regime. Up to this point, that aid has been claimed as being limited to … Continue reading

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Party Hard (Headed)

The smack of American realization of just how huge & pervasive the security state is, due to the revelations of (obviously now former) employee of “defense” contractor Booz Allen Hamilton Edward Snowden — who actually outed himself, on purpose — … Continue reading

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The Undemonstrated

First, an explanation, since normally I don’t get into this kind of thing: In a post on his blog CK Macleod criticized Daniel Larison’s response to (finally) this post, a longform by Elliot Abrams in “defense” of “neo-conservatism”.  I provided … Continue reading

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Invert Your Premise

I guess it’s NSA Revelation Week. Adding to the fact of Verizon’s network being mass mined, The Guardian keeps the flow going, finding that U.S. government back doors are directly installed on the servers of several major companies: The National … Continue reading

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Dirt mining: Every Dig a Winner!

Every call, every day, on Verizon, one of the largest phone networks, both within the U.S. and having a party outside the U.S., for months. That is what the NSA has been collecting thanks to a secret court order — … Continue reading

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