I'll blaze to that…

Shorter John Schwenkler: “STFU w/ the royalist case for marijuana legalization, you’re makin us look bad!”

I know The Mighty Tax Revenue case on its face seems cynical enough to sway people, but it’s a total dodge of the principled issue with the entire War on Drugs.  We’re pissing on liberty and destroying lives both at home & abroad simply because we as a society can’t seem to come to terms with the fact we like to get high, preferring to mindlessly lash out rather than risk asking the fucker in the mirror what we’re really getting at with those chemicals.  THAT is the problem, a possible few extra dollars going to the State (more than likely to go where our money usually goes: shiny new death machines!) is emphatically NOT a “benefit” and no one in their right mind should be treating it as if it is one.

Besides, it’s too easy to grow your own weed.  Turning the marijuana market into an oligopoly (thus making it easier to tax, & creating another palm-greasing interest group to pander to) would be damn near impossible.  If they could treat it like tobacco they would’ve already, & you’d be buying mexican ditch weed joints in a shiny package labeled “marlboro greens” at the gas station w/ your lottery ticket & cheetos.


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Left-libertarian blogger & occasional musician.
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