That won't fly either…

Kevin Drum, after basically chalking up 90% of anger over TSA tactics to the partisanship boogieman, says this:

But what about our civil liberties? Maybe you think that even if TSA’s procedures are slightly useful, they aren’t useful enough to justify all the intrusion. Instead, we should just accept the risk of an occasional plane falling out of the sky. Think again: if a plane comes down, you can just kiss your civil liberties goodbye. Today’s TSA procedures will seem positively genial compared to what takes their place with the full and eager support of the American public. Given that reality, if you’re really worried about civil liberties you should welcome nearly anything legal that protects air travel from explosives, even the things that are really annoying and only modestly useful.

In that one paragraph, there is a contradiction, a strawman, and an open-ended make-or-break absurdity.  See if you can identify them…


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One Response to That won't fly either…

  1. Todd S. says:

    Heh. What that argument fails to address is that if some draconian police state (or polic-ier state) comes about, that will very likely be the straw that breaks the state’s back.

    I’m a bit astounded (and pleased) with the outpouring of negative feelings towards the security apparatus already. I think they know better than to push it too much further, which is why they’ll stick with just chipping away at civil liberties for the foreseeable future.

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