Whose hands?

A conversation, in a nutshell:

U.S. State Dept. to Wikileaks: “Releasing those documents will put people’s lives at risk!”
Julian Assange: “Mkay, who? We’ve asked before about this.”
State Dept.: “…shut up, that’s who!”

I’m noticing a pattern here.  Something gets leaked, the U.S. gov’t claims it’s the most devastating thing ever and the streets will run red with the blood of reprisal killings the second it reaches the press, then when it actually gets out they try to spin it as “nothing new”…until the next one, when it’s time to scream bloody murder again.  Why, one would almost think that the government is keeping a bunch of things secret that have no rational reason to be…

The “nothing new” spin is funny, because in a way they’re correct, just not the way they’re thinking.  That the sheer incompetence, corruption & outright bugfuck insanity of “our” foreign policy can even remotely be thought of as banal speaks volumes in and of itself.  The point isn’t merely the emperor being naked, moreso the institutional blinders that let the ruler walk around in the buff for so long before someone pointed it out.

Edit: speaking of danger…MSNBC.com asked a simple question: “Do you support the release by Wikileaks?”  Here was someone’s idea of an answer:

Julian Assange directs a site that facilitates leaking of secret documents.  In response, Jack wants him murdered, as well as his ex-girlfriend, his son, and if they’re still alive his parents.  Something tells me this is not someone who objects on “collateral damage” grounds…


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