Beyond Vulgar

I’m going to just throw some things out here, statements which should be rather obvious in my view. Then, I’ll follow with why I bother to state them again…

First off, I am skeptical (to say the least) of the state.  The currently accepted assumption that in any society having a vote the actions of government are thus The Will of The People and by definition justified is an assumption about government that I reject. When it comes to “democracy”, my view of it depends on what definition is being used:

* Broken down to a small enough level such that voice is direct and exit is easy, “democracy” could describe consensus without rule at all.
* Take it as “majority rule, period” with no thought to scale or exit, then you run into the 50%+1 voting to piss in the other 49.9′s orange juice problem. This “democracy” is plainly nuts.
* The state school interpretation of “majority-by-proxy”. Whatever a majority of a distinct minority that claims legitimacy regardless of the numbers actually agreeing with them on the particular issue or even on their power to address it either way. A better name for this would be Oligarchical-pluralism, yet it sticks.

At the same time, simply because majority rule does not inherently translate to liberty does not mean at all that its opposite — rule-by-experts/elite — somehow does. The problem is rule itself & the scale of consensus assumed within it.

So, why did I just post the above? Because Patri Friedman, co-founder of Future Cities Development, demonstrably doesn’t understand that last part.  He’s gone from seasteading to working with the government of Honduras (which had a coup & now still has reports of allegedly politically motivated murders) to establish states within the state on a similar principle as seasteading — except on land with people already on it. Naturally, this is fueling yet more talk of libertarianism being somehow pro-dictator.

Seriously, if a government is not only not hostile to your endeavor, but welcoming with open arms, meanwhile they’re engaging in a land grab to help you & critics of theirs are being assaulted…how many damn red flags do you need?!? At least seasteading sought to sidestep governments, this is accepting co-sign of the worst things they do just to get off the ground. Not just no, but hell no.


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