Political Footballs

Prompted by 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s demonstrations during the national anthem at games, and the subsequent screaming about it, plus the joining in of other players, I had a hypothetical pop up about it (well, more than one in a way):

Say that a head coach — let’s assume they’re a new head coach of a team with a relatively young roster core announced that their players would go back to the typical practice prior to 2009 (and bribery from the Pentagon with your money…) and not even leave the locker room until such displays were over, perhaps explaining “Hey, that’s valuable strategy  time we’re wasting on photo ops”. What would be the reaction to that?

Alternate considerations: would the reaction be different if the coach were a white person vs if they were black? Or if they actually mentioned in their announcement (perhaps at a press conference) how the displays of team fealty to The Magic Cloth & The Oh So Wonderful Troops were bought to begin with?

(On a less serious note, it’d be super delicious if the 1st team this was done with just happened to be a post-Belichek New England Patriots…)


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