Here's something I can't understand

After having done his part to add to the picture of the surveillance state & needing to flee the US because of it, in order to escape being either caged like Chelsea Manning or murdered like several prominent US political figures demanded , Edward Snowden revealed recently… he’s offered multiple times to be imprisoned in the US anyway??

I have no idea what his thinking on this is. None at all:

  • I can’t imagine life in a Russian city as being worse than in an American gulag, no matter how much one dreads cold weather.
  • If he’s expecting a pardon after the fact by way of sacrificial gesture, that strikes me as the bet of someone lacking a proper cynicism gene.
  • Just frustrated with how little the Panopticon has budged & giving up? How would it matter where one is then? Besides, the demonstrated resistance to any semblance of reform by the rulers, at least to my reading, signals not futility of even bothering to care, but the invalidity of their continued claim of power to begin with. Exposure alone can’t shift society anyway, resistance is a must.

There have been since the news of the NSA leaks a bunch of twists and turns, and conflicts about strategy. I’ve come to see the motivation of the activist journalists he first collaborated with to be less about activism than I expected in the meantime, and wish that gate was not sifting the information about a system that is deserving — desperately — of sabotage. Yet still, by taking what was hidden & bringing light to it, Edward Snowden did a good thing.

…so why should a good deed be punished?


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2 Responses to Here's something I can't understand

  1. Todd says:

    My guess is he’s thinking of it as a plea bargain. He promises to go to a Club Fed style minimum security gig for a couple years in exchange for not being summarily executed. He probably figures there’s no way Putin will let him stay there indefinitely. Although, I’ve seen enough Internet porn to know I’d much rather stay in Russia than go to an American prison. At least the scenery is better.

  2. dL says:

    To redefine the “Snowden Effect” as the Nelson Mandela outcome on a nickel. He ain’t willing to do 30, however. Which, of course, is what Mandela had to do.

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