History & Logic on Planet Trump

Due to a total jerk stumbling blindly upon a rich vein of jerks as a potential voting block, presidential campaign horserace media is having to cover Donald fucking Trump. As vapid as campaigns generally are anyway, the performance art aspect here I find fitting in two ways:

1) by going the President as Insult Comic route, the position aimed for is finally being treated with the respect it deserves: Absolutely None.

2) Trump is an open, proud oligarch and thief (but I repeat myself…) in a way that gives away what the game is and always has been all about. It’s as if a tobacco company came out with Lung Cancer brand cigarettes.

Unfortunately, for each person who sees this 2 by 4 upside the head for what it is, there’s plenty eating it up like usual. Recently, over at the Washington Post, David Weigel talked to a couple of them in Alabama:

“He runs an empire,” Renee Byrd, 44, said of Trump. “That’s what the country needs, someone who runs an empire.”

The Byrds say they think the nation needs someone who is realistic about immigration, too. Officially, less than 10 percent of Robertsdale residents are Hispanic. According to Kim Byrd, 45, that does not account for the trailer parks “saturated with Mexicans” or for “all the convenience stores” bought by immigrants with mysterious tax breaks.

“They all work under the table and make [loads] of money,” said Renee Byrd. “The poor white people who work around here are all screwed.”

Funny thing about this immigration uproar & the screams for draconian measures against the “crime” of existing in a place without the written permission of the government is that Alabama tried a state level version of this garbage already. At the time, even Trump criticized it — meaning he’s effectively doing on immigration what Romney did on health care policy. A few bits about those statements the Byrds provided though:

  • America from the beginning has been a project of conquest, founded on theft & genocide. The US presidency now wields control of the most expensive military on the face of the earth, deployed over pretty much all of it. By definition then, “someone who runs an empire” has been the accurate description of everyone that has ever held the office or ever will in the future, until the day that empire (rightfully) ceases to exist.
  • A “realistic” view of immigration, attributed to someone proclaiming a desire to build a wall between the US and Mexico & somehow make the Mexican people pay for it. Never mind that there are populations along that imaginary line that regularly engage in commerce on both sides, or that chunks of the US used to literally be Mexico (like I said, project of conquest).
  • “saturated with Mexicans”… note the implicit assumptions that they are all undocumented, and that there’s such thing as too many of an ethnic group. Racist much? How come you never hear the opposite? Can a brother get a “there’s not enough Mexicans here” at least once in awhile? (BTW: drastic overestimation of immigrant populations is a common thing in the US, as well as in Europe)
  • The working under the table thing reminds me of what I regularly heard in immigration complaints back in Georgia, claiming undocumented migrants have it easy & rake in the dough Off the Books. If, hypothetically, that claim were true, then why aren’t lightbulbs going on over their heads, followed by a wave of white people renouncing citizenship?

The spectacle is hilarious, I just wish more people would get the joke.

(Update/edit – 445pm)

I would like to clarify something, just in case I’m misinterpreted: The “joke” that I refer to is the open expression as farce of the royal screw job that serves as the skeleton of the US political system, the not even bothering to sugar coat how much of a scumbag he and inevitably whoever actually wants the job is. On the other side, the thuggish hard right, racist and straight up fascist cheerleaders he’s been picking up are a dead serious problem that needs to be combated — and I don’t mean at the polls.


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