Have a seat, world…

You have some explaining to do, some things to answer:

-Why, exactly, would Syrian rebels congratulate an unabashed anti-Arab racist & murderer for winning reelection in neighboring Israel?

-re: CIA director John Brennan’s recent remarks about Iran “destabilizing” the middle east: how difficult was it for him to say that without giggling? Furthermore, why is it that the basis for the nuclear talks to begin with — sanctions & threats against Iran under the unfounded assumption that they’re seeking nuclear weapons — is treated in the media as if it is an olive branch rather than a constant promise of violence?

-About Denmark, Russia, & NATO: does anyone not connected to a “defense” contractor really think that missile shield will really work? And for the millionth time, what reason would Iran have to launch missiles at Europe, if the NATO explanation for it is to be believed?

-Since when did the completely justified & basic human decency concept of not being a total dick to traumatized people & the ridiculous concept of Challenging Opinions = Bad become synonyms? Can we no longer tell the difference between disagreements and threats?

-Just how freaking strong is nationalism when people in Britain are saluting a king that’s been dead 500 years?

-The total money wasted on infantile horseshit expressions of privilege such as the one described at this link, how many actual children can that feed? And where are our pitchforks?

-Next time a company comes up with another ass-brained thing like #RaceTogether to shove on their workers, can we see a mass strike please? If not, why not?

-I stumbled across a right-wing Republican blogger using to bash Obama… a Keynesian case for stadium funding via taxes. How does this person remember to breathe?


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Left-libertarian blogger & occasional musician.
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