The Finest Whine of Swine


In the wake of the murder of two New York City police officers and a national debate about policing, the National Fraternal Order of Police is asking for the Congressional hate crimes statute to be expanded to include crimes against police officers. The union has more than 300,000 members.

Violence against police officers that’s motivated by anti-police bias should be prosecuted as a hate crime, the nation’s largest police union is arguing in a letter to President Barack Obama and Congressional leaders this week.

Cops have been through so much throughout history.  Recall the centuries of trade in cops stolen from their native Donutistan, forced by their captors to beat people in a strange land. Or how millions of police officers were sent to the gas chambers in the Copocaust. Why, it wasn’t that long ago merely being a cop was considered a psychological problem in the DSM-IV, and police officers were routinely sterilized against their will for the crime of wearing a badge and uniform & claiming the power to initiate force & seize property on behalf of the state. Even nowadays people wearing nametags while eating pastries have to be on high alert for confused, hateful people who will assault them due to mistaking them for a cop!

Actually, no. This is absurd for the same reason that asking why there isn’t a White History Month draws a side-eye.


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