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-Blaring from the Huffington Post’s front page today was this:


Oh no! Nearly 1/3rd of the global human population is obese! PANIC!! And since this is HuffPo we’re talking about, the likely assumption is this as a problem for politics to step into. However, click to the article and you’ll notice a fudge — the number refers to being obese or overweight, which refer to a quite broad range if their frame of reference is the Body Mass Index. BMI has been subject of criticism over the years for leading to some absurdities like labeling muscular people as obese & drastically downplaying individual factors. More practically speaking, expecting conformity of body type to what is considered by some experts “normal” is about as realistic as expecting your cat to lead a discussion about Bitcoin. People are different, they’re going to be different, some of us like our food and dislike exercise as well as have a slow metabolism, ok?
There is a brief hint in the piece about globalization and availability of processed foods, to which I’ll say to extent this has been encouraged via subsidy & rents to those raking in the money from such of course I don’t find it kosher, but beyond that hey, sometimes people don’t feel like cooking.

By the way, at the other end 12.5% of the world population is actually starving. So maybe this concern for the love handles is a bit misplaced. Maybe. Mull it over?

-Obama campaign, Fall 2012: “Want the war in Afghanistan ended by 2014? Vote for us!!”
Obama administration, damn near halfway through 2014: “Uh… we wanna keep those troops there a couple more years”
Remember when forces finally left Iraq? It wasn’t because of opposition to them being there Obama touted in his first presidential campaign, but because an attempt to keep them there longer fell through due to Iraqi refusal to not prosecute those suspected of abuses. Unless similar spike of base-playing spine arises in Afghanistan, those soldiers are going nowhere. If you’re the religious type, pray for a total fall through.

-A team of chemical weapons inspectors in Syria came under assault yesterday. I’m wondering by which side, to be honest, since the area they were headed for had the Assad regime and the rebels pointing fingers at each other with regard to the initial chemical weapon attack being investigated. The typical fog of civil war blends with reports of who some of the elements on the opposition are, and guess what? The U.S. is going to butt in even further, backing the opposition even more. Now, considering the original stated reason for involvement was Assad regime use of chemical weapons, and the reason those inspectors are even there is because of an agreement to get rid of them, doesn’t this look like steps towards provocation? If U.S. picking of a side continues (they’re already getting arms & training), then doesn’t any incentive to stick to the agreement fall to pieces? What would stop Bashar Assad from concluding Screw It & handing out chemical arms to his forces like skittles?

-A pattern of abuse by cops in Seattle prompted some new guidelines on use of force to be handed down by the feds. In response, a hundred of the pigs are crying, filing a lawsuit claiming the rules put them in danger.
One hundred. That’s a nice round number. In fact it just so happens to be equal to the number of cops that died last year — across the entire country. Click that, there’s even a helpful breakdown of just how they died. To put it bluntly, the depth of fear by cops expressed towards pretty much everyone not in possession of a badge has no grounding in reality. It is simply a dodge for their claim of exemption from the most basic human decency, an excuse to be able to brutalize, even murder you and walk off like it’s nothing.

-Slight revelation the other day concerning Operation Zero Sum… you know those highs that keep getting yakked about in the stock market? As if being completely divorced from ANY semblance of gains for the average person wasn’t enough, here’s some more indication of just how rigged that whole thing is: Q1 numbers are in, and the bulk of stock purchases was… share buybacks. Specifically, share buybacks disregarding price, serving as basically a mass Pump & Dump operation for executives since their compensation is tied to stocks. Corporate bosses are rigging their own pay ever higher on mythical numbers, meanwhile striking fast food workers are met by riot cops. Funny how that works…


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2 Responses to Observation Gumbo

  1. Joe says:

    The last item reminded me that I caught a few seconds of a press conference over the weekend with the golfer Phil Mickelson, who’s being investigated on allegations of insider trading. My immediate thought was: “Here we go, another show trial involving a rich celebrity, while the cess pool of insider shenanigans that is business as usual for Wall Street carries on without missing beat.”

  2. B Psycho says:

    Yeah, people manipulate shit at the basic foundational level of finance, yet we’re led to gripe about celebs barely getting in on the action. I’m like “ok, how many fraudulent foreclosures & securities has *he* signed off on? What’s that, none?” and click from the news to Ultimate Knockouts 12 or whatever. More to learn from the latter.

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