Bloodsuckers World

Some items I feel demonstrative of a whole:

-While Ukraine burns due to the triggering of a (U.S. backed) Fascists versus (Russian state) Fascists proxy fight, amid jockeying over natural gas supplies to the country & further into Europe, Joe Biden’s son just so happens to land position on the board of Burisma — the largest private gas producer in Ukraine. Demand shift due to Russian pressure stands to get him (as well as his dad’s campaign manager) quite a chunk of change.

-Previous revelations in the NSA leaks of economic espionage by the U.S. government on behalf of connected domestic corporations via trade policy advantage are back in the news again due to their holder releasing a book.

-Along with the above, a reminder has been given of just how deeply & broadly complicit in the global dragnet the tech sector is, regardless of how much they may now gripe in public about it. A veritable Who’s Who among the very backbone of modern communications technology sell us up the river for the pleasure of their real client: the surveillance state.

What is it that Hunter Biden’s new job, spying for trade advantage, & 80 global communications corporations acting as buddies to U.S. surveillance regime demonstrate? Just the simplest principle, the most direct application, of What Capitalism Is: the synthesis of government claim to authority and the interests of wealth in order to rob the rest of humanity, be it by fraud or by arms. Screw your customers by loopholing their security! Break your products to obtain inflated government contracts! Sow chaos & shortage then position yourself to profit! What are they gonna do about it, go somewhere else? The conglomerates & their triggermen are calling dibs on the whole planet, so have fun on Mars.



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2 Responses to Bloodsuckers World

  1. Todd S says:

    A veritable Who’s Who among the very backbone of modern communications technology sell us up the river for the pleasure of their real client

    I was half expecting mammon to be the answer. But I suppose it isn’t that far removed.

  2. B Psycho says:

    I think one feature of power that has always amused me is how resilient the ambition of those wielding it. The seeking of global dominance, or to be honest even further than ones personal fiefdom at figurative arms length, smelled to me like too much work.

    Had a chat once with a longtime friend that had as a topic among many some dictator in the news that siphoned billions before they fell. He observed that I’d make a bad kleptocrat because my regime would last maybe two months then I’d just piss off with a few mill & safely retire.

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