"Silly rabble, rights are for elites!"

The story of just how far & deep the U.S.-run global mass surveillance regime reaches, triggered by the leaks of former contractor for the NSA Ed Snowden, has slowed as of late. Partially due to other events & the relative inability of mass media to walk & chew gum at the same time, but also due to limitations on the release of information by those holding it. Motives of the latter appear to have shifted in my view, and what remains of this ongoing news has taken on focuses once disseminated that seem to narrow the big picture issue.

Recent servings of surveillance news have concentrated on various foreign political leaders, from the relatively unaffiliated to even ostensible allies: note the reports of German chancellor Angela Merkel being spied on. While there is an unexplored tangent with regards to U.S. foreign policy at the intersection of alterior motives and potential use of blackmail to serve those motives, I find acting as if government on government spying is equivalent to the surveillance state running a global dragnet on millions, billions of civilians a bit of a stretch. To claim political power, power to compel others by force, is to place a target on ones back, in multiple senses of the term; if all you have to worry about is spying due to your place among the ruling class, you are basically in history’s hammock.

So, what’s next for this story? Apparently NSA surveillance of the IMF & the World Bank — which made Obama downright FURIOUS… furious enough to order it stopped.

As for the rest of us? Eh, suck it up or Terror Terror 9/11. BOO!


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2 Responses to "Silly rabble, rights are for elites!"

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  2. dmantis says:

    Also, keep in mind that the focus on the NSA misses the forest for a single, tiny tree.


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