Entitlement (to cheap labor)

Because eventually something had to sour me on the upcoming PlayStation 4 release, a report came out today that a university in China, due to what appears to be a formal agreement, is forcing its students to work for our old I.P.-slaver friends at Foxconn gluing together PS4s. The work has nothing to do with what their course of study is, but the penalty for not putting in two months at the factory is not graduating, period. This, only a couple days after the founder of Foxconn lamented how difficult it is to find workers in a country of over a billion people for some reason:

“The young generation don’t want to work in factories, they want to work in services or the internet or another more easy and relaxed job,” [Terry Gou] told the Financial Times. “Many workers are moving to the services sector and, in the manufacturing sector, total demand [for workers] is now more than supply.”

So young Chinese seek opportunities beyond cheap factory work, and their solution is to require them to do cheap factory work in order to graduate. Meanwhile in the U.S., agribusiness regularly complains how U.S. citizens don’t want to pick produce for pennies, & exploit the hypocritical and racist system of immigration restriction to employ people with a legally imposed handicap to questioning their pay & working conditions.

Responding to supply & demand via the inherent signal of market prices? Why, that’s sucker talk in any language!


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