"There are LAWS, citizen!!"

For your consideration:

-Bradley Manning, leaker of the Iraq & Afghanistan war logs & the video of an airstrike in Baghdad that killed 12 civilians (including a reporter for Reuters), was convicted Tuesday on 20 out of 22 counts, including “espionage” (despite lack of motive & going to the media instead of The Enemy). Sentencing testimony is under way, with diplomats screaming over the “horror” of the documents release, as he faces possibly 136 — actually, lets quit being cute, he faces life in prison, ok?

-Firing on rescue personnel is recognized internationally under the Geneva Conventions as a war crime. The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI even describe doing such in the form of a “double tap attack” — as the gunner in the airstrike video did & as has been repeatedly done in drone strikes — as hallmarks of terrorists.

The Pentagon dismissed the incident as nothing, and charges will come for the drone strike double taps, oh, when hell freezes over.

-Edward Snowden, the leaker of documentation of how broad and how deep surveillance by the NSA goes — amounting to a global dragnet crafted in collusion with the US tech sector, and domestically the return of the “general warrant” in flagrant violation of the 4th Amendment — has been charged federally under the Espionage Act. If captured, tried & convicted he could face 30 years, or even the death penalty (a section of the act allows for that as possible punishment). On top of this, US politicians are routinely in public calling him a traitor, even though treason in the US has a specific legal meaning. Not wishing to be caged for decades or murdered, Snowden had to seek asylum outside the country, and at least temporarily has it in Russia.

-Asked by the US Senate, under oath, whether or not the NSA was collecting data on Americans, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said no. The NSA revelations have proven this false. Lying under oath — a.k.a. “perjury” — is a felony. Clapper has even later admitted that he was lying.

That charge? Don’t bet on it.

In short, the next time someone speaks of “the rule of law” as if it is anything beyond a fairy tale, feel free to laugh in their face.

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