Rage like an Egyptian

Looking at the going-ons around the world, paused on Egypt & the protests against Mohammed Morsi. Spotted this picture (source) taken of Tahrir from Cairo Tower depicting the sheer size of the demonstration & had a thought:


“May we recreate this scene crossing the Potomac…”

I’m still here.


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2 Responses to Rage like an Egyptian

  1. Slobbering Democratic Party sycophants will be queuing up meanwhile for the newly-confiscated firearms while listening to the gunshots echoing from the rooftops as their Donkey brethren slaughter “right-wingers” in defense of Obama.

  2. Hi, Sarah! Thanks for commenting.I always seem to miss this event when it’s on. Have you seen it yet in these Games? I should look it up. Would love to see if my kids like it. So far, anything involving water is a hit with them! (We watched more rowing today.)

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