Party Hard (Headed)

The smack of American realization of just how huge & pervasive the security state is, due to the revelations of (obviously now former) employee of “defense” contractor Booz Allen Hamilton Edward Snowden — who actually outed himself, on purpose — has reverberated for awhile now. There’s been Obama basically saying “yeah, so what?”, the tech companies named as partners with the government in treating everyone as a suspect giving oddly formulaic denials, most of congress saying it’s no big deal, the freakin’ author of the Patriot Act former rep Jim Sensenbrenner saying “woah…”, calls online and in the media for Snowden as well as Glenn Greenwald (!!) to be executed as traitors, a competing organization in support of Snowden’s exposure, and a petition started on that “We The People” thing on the White House site to pardon him.

So, with all that, it’s been long enough to poll about it. Pew Research Center & the Washington Post ran the acceptability of this dragnet of everybody because TERROR!! TERROR!! by some folks, and got an all too unfortunate majority somehow in favor. This, even though you should more fear cancer, heart disease, your own vomit, or the police more than terrorism if concerned about keeping yourself alive.

But it doesn’t stop there. Oh, yes, there was a partisan breakdown:

nsa polling

Note the flips. 2006 Republicans by a huge margin declared questioning Dubya’s surveillance powers UnAmerican, while this year they could flip a coin on Obama’s use of them.
Dems in ’06 by a significant majority railed against the Bush Administration’s Shredding of The Constitution! Now that it’s Obama running the shredder they’re cool with it.

Limitless power: “It’s OK if MY team does it!” Argh…


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2 Responses to Party Hard (Headed)

  1. dgtmantis says:

    But thats always been the MO of our political system. The next time some liberal critiques the union-busting and coporate give-away bonanza that was the Reagan years, bring up Clinton’s record of the same and see how quickly your labeled as a ‘non-serious person’.

    Its as if bipartison criticism is the equivalent of going off one of the modeling gaps in a video game. You know, the ones where your vehicle all of a sudden gets clipped and your looking at the underside of the map. “Your breaking the immersive experience, dumbass! Get back to playing the game!”

    Also, when did polling become the end-all/be-all of political commentary? Christ, where in the constitution does it say “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…unless the majority agrees to fuck themselves over?”

    Polls taken prior to 1954 probably showed a majority in support for screwing over minorities and women when it came to voting. Yet the same poll taken in 1965 probably would have shown a dramatic shift.

    Just because alot of people agree that something a good idea doesn’t make it so. Especially when the extent of the ways to fuck that this program offers the state can hardly be understood yet.

  2. Susan Vento says:

    Hi Psychopolitik,

    I have a quick question regarding your blog. If you could send me an email when you get a chance, I would greatly appreciate it!


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