Doublethink fires a shot. I think.

As the latest round of talk over “gun control” continues due to the most recent well-publicized mass shooting incidents, naturally polls come up asking about it. I’ve heard about a particular outcome of these frequently, the remark that universal background checks get approval numbers reminiscent of sham elections in old-school dictatorships. Via the Washington Post, I find out Quinnipeac University did a poll including this question on gun laws getting the same result — 91% in this case — but also got… here, see it for yourself:

24. Do you support or oppose – requiring background checks for all gun buyers?


Support              91%
Oppose                8
DK/NA                 1

25. Do you believe that if there are background checks for all gun purchases the government will or will not use that information in the future to confiscate legally-owned guns?

Confiscate           48%
Will not             38
DK/NA                14

The demographic breakdowns are at the original site, but with a number like 91% there ain’t much to break down for the first response. The combination of the two though…I don’t get it. The overwhelming nature of the reply on background checks means you might as well be looking at the whole sample as your subgroup, which means a decent chunk of respondents are in both that 91% category of supporting universal background checks and the 48% that conclude universal background checks = legally owned guns being taken away.

So…are the overlap folks in favor of even legal guns being taken away? Are they thinking “good, these paranoid fools should just trust the police like decent citizens”? Or are there a lot of people who just didn’t understand the question?

Either way, another reminder of the dilemma of the public will. There is a lot government does specifically against most of us, but that doesn’t mean majorities are inherently right on everything. This is especially so when most are kept ignorant on purpose.


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2 Responses to Doublethink fires a shot. I think.

  1. Todd S. says:

    I think the second question itself is loaded. They obviously couldn’t use the background check information to confiscate illegal guns as those would be ones people owned without a background check. It’s a bit of a red herring anyway, because if you buy a handgun legally now, it will be registered to you and they’ll know you have it, background check or not. They’re looking to expand that to all guns I suppose. In that way, I don’t really think it’s doublethink. People are just saying to themselves that background checks sound like a good idea, but the government is going to do what it wants to anyway.

  2. Maybe it never occurred to some of the people who were asked the first question that the government might use background information to confiscate their guns until they were asked the second question. Maybe the results would have been different if they were asked the questions in reverse order.

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