I have my doubts

It’s being reported that Chris Dorner, the ex-LAPD cop suspected of a revenge shooting spree against southern California police, is the first target of drones on U.S. soil.

Doubt #1: Absolute first? No, more likely just the first we know about.

In the same story revealing this bit of info comes the following:

Police have also pleaded with local residents not to try to mount a civilian vigilante force or try to aid in the hunt for the fugitive.

Doubt #2: despite the token bleating that direction from a random disturbed individual, I get the feeling this isn’t going to be an issue, at all. Why?

Call it a hunch. Naw, that’s all you, hog…


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2 Responses to I have my doubts

  1. Todd S. says:

    Love how that article makes note that it wasn’t known “what newspapers the women were delivering”, yet not a word is spoken as to why the cops shot them in the first place. Are we to believe that two women appear the same as one burly guy? And yeah, the entire notion that the people of LA would want to rise up in defense of the LAPD is… well, I’ll just be nice and call it naive.

  2. B Psycho says:

    They could’ve been delivering “Fuck Tha Police Daily” and it still wouldn’t have mattered. LAPD shoots people for the same reason dogs lick themselves I reckon.

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