"We're bombs, and we're here to help"

Recently observed rule: any argument over foreign policy in terms of western/U.S. military intervention will eventually result in the following:

1) Claim that opposition to such is rooted in some form of bigotry, of tribal indifference. Basically, it is taken as a given that intervention is necessary For The Greater Good, and only callous dismissal of The Other could lead to saying no.

2) Unspoken assumption on the part of supporters of such that responsibility for the world as a whole justly rests on the shoulders of the west in general, & the U.S. in particular. Essentially, that minus the regular application of military dominance by the same few global actors, It Will All Go To Hell.

I smell White Man’s Burden here. Do you?


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4 Responses to "We're bombs, and we're here to help"

  1. Todd S. says:

    necessary For The Greater Good
    That one always gets my ire up. I wish there were some way to know early in life whether we will be considered a part of this greater good. That way we’d know if we need to run and hide or not, or possibly even go to Saskatchewan and start a commune for slightly lesser goodness.

    It Will All Go To Hell
    Indeed, at least from the perspective of the ruling class, where I think “hell” is defined as “we’re out of a job because people don’t actually need us”.

    I smell White Man’s Burden here.
    Possibly. That movie did have a faint odor to it, though in fairness Travolta had a habit of making some real stinkers in the years following “Pulp Fiction”, so maybe it was him and not the film.

  2. B Psycho says:

    I remember that movie. Looked like interest as a tossed off “what if?” ended up far outweighing the resulting film, like merely thinking of it was accomplishment enough.

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  4. Atticus says:

    Seems like a carefully manipulated image of justifiable violent actions when in reality the agenda is depletion and control of resources and logistical superiority to competitors.

    in other words

    They say they want to help, but they just want to help themselves.

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