There Will Be Complications

In my usual scans of news, found the following story today:

A guy answers a Craigslist ad from a lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor so they can have a kid. He comes through with the sperm, makes the typical agreement that he as a donor will not be held financially responsible for the resulting child, and heads off on his way. The sperm is administered, and later on a child is born to one of the women. The couple later breaks up, and the mother gets child support from her ex-partner, as she was the one in the relationship at the time and not the guy.

Actually, that last detail is wrong. Since this happened both without the involvement (and, obviously, payment) of a doctor and within the borders of a state — Kansas — that thinks the Old Testament makes sense as a source of law, the same-sex relationship was never recognized. The mother instead ended up getting state government aid to help with taking care of the kid, which the state of Kansas then demanded payback for from…the sperm donor. Who they also want to pay child support. Which defeats the purpose of sperm donation.

Now, I’ve heard of agreements that are required to be notarized before they’re considered legally valid. This, an argument that legal validity rests on the presence of a doctor, especially for something that the doctor clearly wasn’t necessary for, is a first for me. It’s a distinction that seems to have as its only purpose making life difficult for people that want to save some money. Well, congratulations on that, Kansas!

As for the seeking of reimbursement on the part of Kansas taxpayers, this is a situation that could’ve easily been headed off if they’d just recognized that in that relationship the other woman was the responsible party. Alas, that would require admitting that what the Bible has to say about this is irrelevant to a modern free society…

Edit 010813 12:43 pm CST: More info. Turns out the women had been foster parents prior to this. Also their doctor wouldn’t sign off on them as capable of raising a child — which would’ve greenlit them accessing a sperm bank — because they couldn’t comprehend the relationship. Well damn, those other kids turned out fine, didn’t they?


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