Logical Bankruptcy card intact

Within all the continued talk about “gun control”, there are assumptions that are either left unchallenged or simply inserted by mainstream media portrayals. One of them I’ve recently mentioned having to do with the guns themselves is the fallacy that All Guns Are Machine Guns. Others are the political parameters of views on firearms:

The picture given of the defenders of private firearm ownership is overwhelmingly fearful, conservative white guys like the head of the NRA Wayne LaPierre (and thus fine with his ludicrous proposals to make U.S. schools even more prison-like & censor entertainment). Instead, more than are commonly acknowledged actually support more than the 2nd Amendment, but the 1st, and the 4th, and 5th, and…you get the picture.  Other supporters are assumed to be men obsessed with proving their manhood such that ads like the above resonate positively with them, feeling they have a duty to be as aggressive as possible to prove themselves worthy of having a penis. Those types I would say need their brains checked, and amount to walking reasons why it warms my heart to know that many women & members of the gay community have the tools to fight back should these Very Manly Men choose to prove their manhood by assaulting people they interpret as weak.

The anti-gun side is generally portrayed as if they’re the holy defenders of Civil Society in contrast. Highly peaceful souls who just want something done, and abhor firearms as tools of death. In reality, especially in the case of the politicians on that side, they’re just fine with weaponry provided it’s used to do their bidding. Also, they…well, just see for yourself:

New York state has spent nearly $6 million over the past three years on subsidies for a two-century-old upstate factory that makes firearms including semiautomatic rifles used by the military and police and like those used in the recent mass killings in Connecticut and Webster, N.Y. Though several elected leaders in this tough-on-guns state want tighter restrictions on those military-style weapons, none say it’s time to stop supporting Remington Arms Co. and risk the nearly 1,000 jobs it provides in the central New York community of Ilion. […]

A spokeswoman for U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer said he has consistently said that he believes it’s appropriate for lawmakers to support production of semiautomatic assault-style weapons for military and law enforcement use, but that the guns don’t belong in the hands of civilians. Schumer, who has helped Remington secure Army contracts including an $8.9 million award in 2011 to produce 1,212 M24 sniper rifles, joined the company at last year’s event announcing the move of Bushmaster to Ilion.

Yes folks, as with seemingly everything else there is a corporate-state collusion angle. Yell about “military style arms” on Sunday, funnel tax dollars to their production & encourage their organized use against civilians the rest of the week. The “man card” turns out to be a welfare card.


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2 Responses to Logical Bankruptcy card intact

  1. Todd S. says:

    I cringe every time I hear or see the “semi automatic” phrase bandied about in the media. “Military style” doesn’t seem to make much more sense unless their just referring to the physical appearance of the weapon, like in the picture at the top. Now, the type of person who that ad appeals to does concern me. That’s typically the guy who never went in the military but fetishizes it. Had he gone in the military, he’d probably have those romantic Rambo notions quashed long ago.

    I’ve often wondered if we ever had someone go on a killing spree with a knife, would the media be up in arms about “butcher style” or “serrated”? Maybe steak knives since you could easily carry 30 or more on you and never have to stop to retrieve one you’ve already used.

  2. B Psycho says:

    re: military fetishism: Alongside the implication made about manhood or alleged lack thereof, ain’t it also quite the sign of Grade A Dumbassery? Just that the basic conception that war is not something to desire is so not the default that people need to experience war firsthand to figure it out is amazing. It’s like they’re detached and obsessed at once.

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