Some bits

-Some cop in Denver was pulled over drunk driving at almost triple the speed limit, sentenced to jail & community service, then subsequently fired.  The civil service commission there just ruled he can get his job back. I want to see this “discipline matrix” they mention, because at this rate I suspect the spot “beat the crap out of someone for jaywalking” is under Actions That Warrant A Promotion.

-Grocery store earlier, in the canned vegetable aisle contemplating sauerkraut for hot dogs, spotted right next to each other both an 8oz can of the stuff & a can saying “hot dog kraut” (including a picture of a hot dog on the can) the same size.  The 2nd can was 30 cents more than the first. Ingredient list on both, verbatim: “cabbages, water, salt”. Somebody in marketing thinks they’re slick…

Tim Lee writes about an ongoing debate concerning Comcast & bandwidth caps. In short, he points out that Comcast, being a huge company with layers of crap to get through to make a decision, is highly likely to be stupid when it comes to foresight. Of course, the real question that needs to be asked is “how do we make these regional monopoly/national oligopoly network gatekeepers irrelevant, and how soon can we implement it?”.

-“Afghan gov’t claims indefinite detention power in worrying sign of regression”…is how a headline about this would read if not for the fact they’re doing so at the request of the Obama administration.

-This constant drone strike stuff is going to bite us in the ass, it’s only a question of when.  Notice they’re already not even mentioning who they think they were targeting, even though there was apparently enough detail to mention the location was a bakery?  Somewhere in that area is someone who really freakin’ loved their besan ladoo*…

(* – it’s one of the first things that came up in a search for Pakistani baking. Sounds like fancy donut holes with fruit)


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