Kansas City – Day three

Was up pretty late last night, so got a late start to today, though that worked out fine because I still managed to reach the Negro Leagues Museum before traffic got bad.  They don’t allow photos inside, so no proof of that, but I was just burning time before lunch really (it was cool tho’).  Next stop on my BBQ tour I didn’t even need the navigator for, as it was right down the street. I don’t even need to say it:

Super well-known place, but it was close & I was starving, so why not?  I go in, and the ordering process oddly resembles a lunch line like at school, albeit with way better smells involved. Wanting a 2nd interpretation of a burnt ends sammich, that’s what I go with this time, whereupon I learn a lesson I should’ve saw coming.

“When ordering burnt ends, unless you say not to put the sauce on it, they will assume you want sauce pre-applied”.   This was a curious decision on their part, since they have sauce bottles at each table, but lesson learned.  I dug in & the first thing I noticed was that they smoke theirs to falling apart territory, to where the texture of some bites is more accurately described as pulled beef.  On this measure, while it was good (best with the spicy version of their sauce added, oddly enough), I found myself kinda missing the more toothsome quality of LC’s interpretation.  Sauce comparison though, Arthur Bryant’s blew LC out of the water.  When it comes to sauces, my philosophy is that if the meat is smoked & marinated/rubbed properly it doesn’t need sauce, while any application of it should plug in a useful quality to the already delicious meat much like adding an extended clip to your machine gun in Call of Duty — if you’re leaning on the sauce to provide primary flavor, you’re doing it wrong IMO.  I got the gist of what they were getting at anyway, I just wish I thought to order it nekked.  The ideal would be LC’s meat & Bryant’s sauce, but that isn’t to say Bryant’s is bad, just preference different.

BTW: I didn’t think to grab a fork, so I just picked up the meat chunks with the bread. Now I get why the bread is there w/ sammiches clearly too wet & bountiful to pick up — it’s an edible spoon!

After that, I went back to the hotel, did some more exploring, and decided to cross back into Kansas for a final taste.  Rosedale’s BBQ appears to be in an industrial/office park area of town, to such an extent that the building blends in with the nondescript stuff nearby & I initially missed my turn.

This sign? It was by their exit. 

Having started out with pork, I felt it fitting to finish with pork.  “One long end rib plate, please”.  This is what I got:

If they don’t look too appetizing, it’s because they’re on the plate face down. That actually worked in my favor, because I was then free to apply sauces to the actual meat however I saw fit.  These were the most tender of the pork ribs I had the whole trip, with the meat itself fattier than most, kinda cheap’n’cheerful quality meat in a good way.  Tried em nekked, with the original sauce, and with the spicy: all were satisfying, with a molasses-like character in the original that I didn’t catch in other places sauces — sweet, but in a different way.

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience overall.


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