Speech is Speech

First, let me preface this with the following: Ted Nugent is an absolute fricking idiot and his music is garbage.  Ok? Now, onward…

This guy is in the news lately for pretty much the only reason he gets any attention at all these days: his ultra-right-wing political views and how he expresses them.  Recently, in keeping with the partisan charade that the problem with the State is who happens to hold the nuclear launch codes at this specific moment rather than its very nature, Nugent said, among other things, that if Obama were re-elected, by this time next year he — as in Nugent — would either be dead or in jail.  The Secret Service was not amused.

If you remember, there was an incident while someone more favorable to Ted was at the helm of the empire where a teenage girl got a Secret Service contact because of something she posted on her Myspace.  While there are a lot of threats, most of which the public will never know about, neither whiny kids nor washed up musicians pass a smell test as far as credible ones go.  For one thing, announcing an actual intent to follow through on the kind of national stage Ted crawled onto due to his endorsement of Generic Republican — excuse me, Mitt Romney — would be rather detrimental to any odds of success.  It would be as if a potential plane hijacker happened to get on one of those stupid TV talent shows and said after their performance “I’m going to hijack a plane!”; if we damn near get roto-rootered for trying to board a plane, imagine what that person would encounter.

That said, he didn’t say why he would be locked up or dead.  Considering he made these remarks at an NRA convention, he’s more than likely envisioning seizure of his firearms, which he would resist at all costs.    My view of the right to bear arms being such that I responded to mainstream liberal howls over armed protesters at Tea Party rallies with basically “if anybody should be armed it’s the Left”, I’d completely understand such a reaction were that to occur despite disagreeing with him on just about everything else.  Yet, I would be kidding myself if I didn’t admit that the understanding of personal firearms as a primary hedge against tyranny* seems a bit quaint at a time where we’re discussing missiles routinely being fired by aircraft controlled from thousands of miles away.  While there’s application still when it comes to the local kind of violent oppression (as I previously discussed, & which amounts to admission of failure to check law enforcement as promised), let’s be real here: If Obama really wanted him bad enough, Ted Nugent would be dead already.

I’m reminded of Ioz’ remark concerning the regular threats that come with the territory of political power:

If we are cursed forever to be ruled by such men, let them at least pay for their power by looking over their shoulder from time to time.

Personally, I think it says something profound about that power that “watch what you say” is ever said without irony.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a properly frivolous political story without exchanges of additional nonsense.  Nugent followed up his remarks by comparing himself to a “black Jew at a Klan rally”, and a writer for CNN.com provided…well, just look:

Ted Nugent should be arrested.

Not because he doesn’t like Barack Obama but because he got up in front of a group of people and insinuated he would attempt to assassinate Obama if he’s re-elected. Or let’s put it this way: A man with a truckload of guns has threatened the life of our president while the country’s at war. (emphasis mine)

Because Things Are Different while we’re bombing people…

(* – I stress, again, that to interpret the flawed logic & illegitimacy of the ruling structure as reason to go attack individual members of it is Stupid-with-a-capital-S)


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One Response to Speech is Speech

  1. Brian M says:

    I think this CNN writer should be arrested himself for not properly CAPITALIZING Our President (PBHN) is his screed! ZOMFG! (LOL).

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