Just a thought or two:

Lately I’ve been thinking about those occasional poll results that show up (for example) saying, contrary to their public image, that even a majority of Republicans think the finance sector and big business have too much power.  Does anyone ever ask them why they think that’s the case?  With the Dem rank and file it’s fairly obvious their view (they see the state as somehow a check on this rather than its enabler, in the face of much evidence to the contrary), but there’s nothing I recall hearing or reading anywhere about the thought of GOP folk who hold that view. Odd, since this completely contradicts the view the people they apparently vote for subscribe to.

On a related note: since Gingrich and Romney have been flinging poo at each other screaming “you’re a crony capitalist!” “no, you are!”, the next debate could use a couple additional questions:
“Newt, you’ve made a point lately of bringing up Romney’s time at Bain Capital, and Romney has since released information showing his effective tax rate.  Since you question the value of his profession, what do you think his tax rate should be?”
“Mitt, you’ve responded to Newt’s criticism by pointing out his time as a — using his term — ‘historian’ for the Federal National Mortgage Association. Could you describe for us the difference, other than of scope, between the federal government backing FNMA’s debt and the Pension Benefits Guarantee Corporation backing GS Technologies’ pension fund prior to its closure?”


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