Spreading it thin

Coming up so close behind Romney in Iowa he could smell his sweat has former senator Santorum feeling rather cocky and full of himself.  As a result, his initial penetration into New Hampshire, seeking to fill the gap in the polls, involves making people come to grips with his throbbing passion over gays.  So far it’s looking very sloppy, with more friction than he expected:

As he campaigns among the state’s notoriously grumpy electorate, presidential candidate Rick Santorum has spent as much time arguing with prospective voters over same-sex marriage as he has asking them for their support. […]

“I have a question and it’s about gay people,” asked the first man to be called on at a Santorum town hall meeting here today. “They are children of God too. Do they have the right to marriage? Do they have the right to serve in the military? Should they be treated like any other citizen? Under your presidency, would you protect their rights or would you diminish them?”

Santorum answered that he doesn’t believe marriage or serving in the military are inalienable rights, but “privileges,” adding, “It’s not discrimination not to grant privileges.”

Clearly, Santorum never had a chance of winning this man’s affection.

Undeterred, he sashayed on down the road to press the flesh at a college prep school in Dublin, where the young students came at him with hard questions, prompting Santorum to unleash his passions with a particular thrust:

“You’re robbing children of something that they need, they deserve, they have a right to. They have a right to be know and be loved by their dad or their mom,” he said. “That’s what marriage is about. It’s not about two people loving each other.

“There’s nothing hateful about that. There’s something true about that.”

Rick doesn’t seem to realize how deep he went with this.  He may think he’s simply smearing gays, but unzip this firm statement and you come to see it spreads much further, covering not only the gays that Santorum has his mind so focused on but also adults in positions such as being single parents, or couples that don’t particularly want children.

Ironically for how he approaches the climax of his view on this, to spit that marriage is not about love is to split the meaning of such a connection, hardening it into little more than a three-way contract.  For a stiff expression of values to shrivel down to the cold unloving fist of government…that really screws any semblance of sincerity.

To call with a straight face, in these times, for the state to serve as the hand of god is not a ballsy move.  It is mere demonstration one is not using their head.


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One Response to Spreading it thin

  1. Alan says:

    Another thought provoking post I see–Thanks for sharing! Essentially this is one of the main issues my fellow Republicans seem to grapple with, fully understanding that life isn’t “our way, or the high way” so to speak. Coming off a boost of sorts following his favorable finish in Iowa, this would have been an ideal time for Santorum to exhibit an open mind and build his base accordingly (not so much in a calculating sense, but understanding that pursuing the top job as a representive of the people that alone means all the people). Have to respect him though for his right to his own opinion, which, however, may sink his chances to be representative of all the people.

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