"Wiggle Room" (the lack thereof)

The “Super Committee” doing what political committees generally do (that is, waste time) has provided opportunity for yet more claims of toughness on the part of the anointed Serious People on the U.S. government’s budget.  Latest example: on one side of the Janus of state, Obama threatens to veto any attempt at sidestepping the Big Deep Cuts in war — ‘scuse me, “defense” — triggered by the nested dithering, while on the other congressfolks in panic over the Big Deep Cuts in “defense” weigh their options in public, in line with the fear that if even a single penny is not dedicated to blowing stuff up The Terrorists Will win.  Jay Carney in his role as Official Disinfo Provider for the administration completes the cycle:

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney categorically dismissed on Monday the idea that the president would change the construction of the cuts triggered by the super committee’s failure to make them more lenient on defense spending.

“Congress voted to impose this sequester to hold its own feet to the fire, to get it to act,” said Carney. “To suggest that they should undo what they did just a few months ago, to declare to the world as they did when they held this vote on the Budget Control Act -– ‘We are going to hold ourselves responsible’ — and then a few months later say ‘never mind,’ that’s not acceptable.”

A day earlier, super committee member Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) had argued that the sequester came with wiggle room, despite President Barack Obama’s threat to veto efforts to lessen its blow.

Speaking of things that hold less room than claimed, take a look at this:

You may have to squint to see the gap between spending with the Big Deep Cuts and spending without.  Luckily for the sight-challenged among us though, the relevant information is that the line with the Big Deep Cuts continues upward.  In fact, the word “decrease” appears nowhere on that entire chart.  Sound and Fury, signifying nothing…


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