Rational Assumption Time

So I hear the cops are going to attempt to evict the occupation from Zuccotti Park tomorrow.  Supposedly for “cleaning”, with claims that they’d be let back in afterward but minus any camping gear.  About that…:

  • The idea that they’d be let back in at all is a lie. If all the protesters left the park would be permanently shut down and anyone attempting to return would catch a charge at the least. Watch.
  • If an OWS protester is sleeping in the park, that suggests to me that they don’t have anywhere else to go in the area at night.  It’s not like everyone at that location lives in that area. More than likely none do (I’m not particularly familiar with Wall Street geographically, but I doubt the type of people that joined this protest make anywhere near enough for an apartment within distance — which is kind of the point. A hotel room would be even worse), and many are even from out of state. When the key to your statement is the Mecca of modern capitalism, you can’t exactly skip the pilgrimage*.
  • Remember that they actually got permission from the owners of the park to be there ’round the clock? That park is an actual public park — that is, available to anyone as a commons area, not a park directly owned by the city of New York. They wanted to use it for the protest and were told they could.  Note that this distinction matters squat to the city government: even if the standard the ones making the park available operated by remained the same, NYC’s would be “beat it!”
  • It’s a good thing that these demonstrations went national, exactly for this reason. If it hadn’t gone anywhere other than New York, it’d be too easy to shut down.

(* – obviously I’m referring to the initial occupation and not the ones that have sprung up since. The others were and continue to be in the same spirit, but the root was there.)

Edit 10/14/11: the eviction has been called off, for now.


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