More on what didn't need doing

In follow-up to the below re: the guy that got plucked out as representative of the ongoing protests…

Turns out the guy has a Twitter account. Having resurrected mine recently, I figured why not directly call him out on the contradiction he served up on national TV?  This is what occurred:

Did I say direct democracy is not a form of government? Obviously not. What I was referring to was clearly the dual conflicting statements on his part that a) wide-open direct engagement is preferable to the current system & b) the current system carries such a degree of legitimacy that to attack it is to attack “us” somehow.  Well, if someone believes the latter, then why bother protesting at all?  The wondrous Representatives of The People have come to a decision, and that decision is that The People will subsidize high finance at gunpoint for the foreseeable future, The People hath spoken & if you don’t like it then you’re just a crank, if not an enemy of The People.

Having scanned his feed since then, I’m not expecting any further response. This guy is a stanch More-And-Better-Democrats type, just about the most grossly misleading public face that could be put forth.  Dems as OWS cavalry?  Yeah, have fun with that, dude…


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One Response to More on what didn't need doing

  1. dL says:

    I took a gander at his twitter page and I’m amused by someone who decorates his page with Orwellian themes while tweeting stuff like: “only trust official documents from official sources.” Really…

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